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Friday, March 18, 2011

Zionist, Banking Cartel, Illuminati, Behind Push for "Freedom & Democracy" in Middle-East

Now that the US has signed on to the UN resolution to intervene in Libia, some Americans are arguing that we should not get involved in a "third war" in the middle east. Just for the record, I dont see it as a "third war" in the middle-east. I see it as a continuation of ONE war and that is ISRAELS war of conquest of the middleast and beyond....

Read here how the author of the article refers to Libia as "the third wave" of the middle-east wars. Third wave, yeah. Third war, no.

You will learn just what type of organizations are behind the push to "bring democracy" to the middle-east;
Check the mission and Exe. Bios
and ask yourself; Do these seem like the kind of people that REALLY give a damn about someone elses "Freedom and Democracy?" Shit, we cant even have either of them right here at home, and Israel, fergit about it. They are FAR from a democratic nation, ask just about anyone living there, that is, ask any christian, or arabs, or even the Hasidim Jews.

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