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Thursday, February 24, 2011

WWI Our First War for Israel?

This vid is a 45 min lecture by Benjamin Freedmen, a defected-jew, talking about Zionism. It in, he explains for us how it was that the US came to be involved in WW1 (and so on) and also illuminates for US the REAL reason why the Germans hate(ed) the jews. The audio on this vid is the worst I have ever heard, and although it was a real hassle, I couldnt stop listening to it and found it fascinating, especially considering that is is coming from an old guy that was there at the time and was witness to all that evolved since then. Not sure but I think this lecture was given in 1988.

(Best to start this one with your volume on low and start adjusting it from warned that the volume changes intermittently and at times even seems to "screech,"and whistle some, you may want to keep your hand close to the volume control so you can adjust as need as you go along....)

After-thought: Gotta give credit where credit is due. Although the audio sucks big time I thought the graphic visuals were kinda nice.....

*Subliminal Brainwash WARNING at the end,..intended I think to wake us up.

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